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WELCOME to Transness!

These pages offer up a viewpoint into being Transgender and discuss all related gender variant/non-conforming concepts. Please make a point to read Transitions Blog for these discussions. While the experience is a personal one for each and every one of us, by reading and contemplating other viewpoints and experiences one’s own experience is enhanced & deepened. The pages here contain many links in order to widen the view. It is also the purpose of this site to provide a resource to those who are seeking to understand Transness better.

The presentation here is one person’s perception as both a Spiritual Peacemaker and a Transgender woman. The web-page links and articles presented are personal picks so accept them as an opinion, not as endorsement. This website is no longer updated so some links may not work. Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch, so if you wish to follow me, please use the link at the bottom of the page to Join Me on Facebook! On a side note, this seems to be the way for many of us that eventually we tire of the whole transition process, advocacy, and education and simple wish to live life.  This is way it should be to, Love and respect ourselves n others.  

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This means if you use anything from this site it is requested credit be given with a link to this website, (copy & paste:

Thank you for taking the time to read over the materials presented. I deeply appreciate the love you express through this action. I wish you Great Blessings on your Journey of Love (for more info on the Journey of Love read the eBook Livin’ Large)

“Label me, define me, nail me down with cold words and

that box will be your coffin, for I do not know who I am” — Rumi

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