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I have crossdressed all my adult life off and on.  In the past 30yrs it has grown thru several stages of purging to the point where I cannot stand to wear male clothing.  My look was androgynous for a while, until I decided to go all the way.  Now I am a full time Transgender Woman (always have been but now I am living it fully).  The time I spent crossdressing really helped me figure out what feels best for me.  Whether you go full time or dress once a year. Use the sites below to “play” and dream a little dream.  But be careful what you wish for!!!  You will get it!

The following is a list of Makeover companies who will take you from Beau to Beautiful!!  These are my personal pics.  I have checked these out and would use these services myself.  If you are just getting started or you are thinking of going full time, I highly recommend getting a makeover and keeping the picture with you as inspiration.  This is precisely what I did and am very happy with my results.  Also, ask about makeup tips and so forth.  This is their business so they will take good care of you.

Rachel’s Place, List of Makeover’s done World Wide

Glamour Boutique   Las Vegas, near Boston, & Fairfield NJ

Emerald Fantasy   Seattle, WA

Over the Rainbow Transformations    Portland, OR

Romantasy     San Francisco, CA

Carla’s   San Jose, CA

My Changing Room   Boston, MA

Scarlett’s Sexy Makeovers Thompson, CT

Makeover’s with Elizabeth Taylor, Washington, DC

Femme Fever   Long Island, NY

Miss Vera’s Finishing School    New York, NY

Dark Rose Photography    New York, NY

Transformations by Rori    Chicago area

TG Miss   Chicago/Milwaukee areas

Phoebe Crossdressing    near Atlanta, GA

Trading Faces   Orlando area, FL

Studio Lites   Denver, CO

Phyllis’ Fantasies – Denver, CO

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