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DressPinkClothing and shoe sites for Large Women

Many of us ladies are larger than average and have some difficulty in finding nice clothes to wear and sexy shoes to strut around in so check out these sites.  Some of the crossdressing sites also have clothing so be sure to check them out also. 

Simply Tall  – They have the tallest sizes I have ever found, and they are very good in customer service.

Long Tall Sally – I have not personally used this site, however they do have a nice collection.

Long Elegant Legs – I just found this site so I have not used it yet but upon review it looks wonderful, so I will be ordering from them soon.

Please be aware that women’s sizes are two sizes smaller than men’s.  So if you wear a size 13 in men’s you wear a 15 in women’s, just be sure if you are buying shoes made for men or women.  Many of the crossdressing stores carry large size shoes so you can shop there, just be aware they mostly have large heels and sexy appeal.  If you are shopping for flats like I prefer, then go with the specialty stores.  I would love to hear from you if you know of a good place to get large size flats and other women’s shoes over size 13.  Nordstroms carries shoes in their special shoes section.

Woman’s Shoes  – One list, Large sizes, many choices!

Barefoot Tess – Large size women’s shoes to 15w.    

LeDame Footwear – Committed to bringing customers fashionable, feminine-styled footwear in a large shoe size. High-quality, affordable footwear designed to specifically meet the needs of a customer who wears a women’s size 10 ½ to 17 (wide) or a men’s size 9 to 15 (medium) in the latest styles.

Suddenly Feminine – Products for transgender, crossdressing, and drag queen clientele. The website is unique and designed esp. for M2F’s – check out their wide selection of clothing and accessories, plus neat sizing charts and anonymous shipping.


If you have a favorite clothing or shoe store and would like me to list it here just let me know. 


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