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Transgender Resource Links

In the last few years it seems like so much progress has been made in understanding transsexuals and transgender people.  Most likely this is a reflection of society’s growing awareness, understanding, and acceptance of this gift.  The web-pages that follow are my own personal picks so accept them as an opinion, not an endorsement. 

These are sites I personally researched and use.  Remember to take all that you read with a grain of salt and to use your intuition as to where to go, what to do and who to talk to.  Some of these sites have graphic adult images and information so please use discernment. 

To link your page please contact site administrator, all sites are thoroughly checked out for content and applicability.

Recommended Websites on Transgender Related Issues:

Educational sites

Transgender Care – Great site for MtoF specifics and hormones

TS Roadmap – Timeline for transition

Transgender Health Module – A new learning module for medical students and others who wish to learn about transgender care in PDF format so click the title to download.  The module has a wide array of information from surgery to psychology of transsexuals.

The Second Type Woman – Great TG site covers a ton of info!

The Woman Within– Christian Bustani’s site with many interesting articles on transgender

Gender Paradigm – Affirming the humanity of Transgender Individuals, with links to the Denver community

TransMen info by Lynn Conway – This page has many other links on it, so for FtoM’s please check this out

F to M Transition  – A great website for information on all aspects of TransMen

FTM Resource Guide – Fantastic resource for TransMen, (F2M, FTM, FtoM)

FTM Surgery Guide – Reliable info about surgery and surgeons

Matt Kailey’s Tranifesto – Advice from a TransMan perspective

Transgender Children – Documentary w/Barbara Walters. TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation

Trans Youth Family Allies – TYFA offers support for Family and Children who are Transgender

Trans-Youth Education and Support – TYES is a Colorado-based, state-wide group supporting all gender nonconforming children and their families.

PFLAG Transgender Support – Awesome conncetion to the TransCommunity

GLBT Groups in the Denver area – Gender Identity Center of Colorado or the GLBT Center

Two-Spirit – Movie about a Navajo Two-Spirit, see the trailer here

Two-Spirit Society of Denver – Their mission is to strive to restore the traditional role of Two Spirited persons.

How to Respect a Transgender person  – Etiquette in social relationships

Unitarian Universalist version of Transgender 101

The Yin Project  – Feminine Energy and how to develop it, now has relationship info too

The Gender Society – The Gender Society is a major online community for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, SO’s and admirers. 

Voice Training for MtoF

Feminine Voice – Lynn Skinner has tons of experience.  CD’s and online training available.

Voice Feminization – Exceptional Voice Inc. in Denver CO, one of the best in the business!

Voice Feminization Surgery – Dr. James P. Thomas in Portland OR has been doing successful surgery for 10 yrs now.

Yeson Voice Center – Seoul, South Korea specializes in Vocal Fold Shortening and Advancement of Anterior Commisure (VFS – AAC) and claim to be very successful.  I do not know anyone personally who has used them but they do look promising.   

Surgery – SRS/GRS

List of FFS/MA/Cosmetic Surgeons    

Another list of USA surgeons in Map form – Created by a transman so it has good resources for F2M, but includes everybody.  Be sure to check out the doctor for yourself. The list is no longer being updated. 

SRS surgery and history by Lynn Conway (18 and older on this page please)

SRS Surgery by Dr. Chettawut (18 and older on this page please)

SRS surgical info  Dr. Kamol, nice pics and explanations

SRS surgery info – easy to understand language, by Melanie Anne

SRS surgery by Dr. Juta Jansi in Thailand (trained by Dr. Preecha)

Lower Cost SRS in Bankok  – Dr. Pichet Rodchareon M.D. 

Live SRS surgery – with explanations on

Another excellent SRS surgery video with explanations

Excellent article on surgery and complications – sexual satisfaction comes at a cost

Gender Counseling, Therapy, and Treatment

UCSF Primary Care Guide for the treatment of Transexualism  – Extensive guide, please proceed with caution as you transition and take your time.  Get professional help!  Money is no longer necessary for many services, so look around. 

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) – Used to be the Harry Benjamin Association. 

WPATH, Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual,Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, Version 7, 2011.  Click above for Standards of Care 7, the bible in transition counseling.

International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) – They advocate for freedom of gender expression and promote the understanding and acceptance of All People.

Trans Health Clinics – International listings, The organizations listed provide health clinics that specialize in trans health care, including primary medical care and support services.

CrossDreamers Blog – Great advice from Alice Novic and others on crossdressing and gender variance. 

Myers-Briggs & TG, Personality test – Best psychological test for gender tendencies

S.A.G.E. – Sex and Gender Explorer test

COGIATI – Combined Gender Identity and Transexuality Inventory (test)

Gender Therapists by state ,includes International and USA

Alternative list of Gender Therapists by state, Laura’s Playground includes International and USA

Financial and Legal Info

Medicare coverage for Transgender Surgery – Their ban has been lifted, so they do cover medically necessary surgeries.

Transgender Law Center – Fighting for Transgender rights. This is important info, so please explore.

Trans Equality – Know your rights!  Advocacy info

LGBT Equality Maps – Great resource by state, up to date info by the Transgender Law Center

Trans Law on Insurance from WPATH – Good News!

Aetna SRS insurance coverage – Qualifications

Companies that offer SRS insurance coverage to employees

Surgery Loans – Many options exist to get the help you need to reach your goals.

Jim Collins Foundation – Grant funding SRS for those who qualify. 

AMA (American Medical Association) Resolution 122 – SRS/GRS medically necessary for those with GID

IRS Grants Deduction for SRS – Transequality FAQ about taxes. 

Gender Marker Change on Passport – Surgery no longer required!

Gender Marker Change on Social Security – Surgery no longer required!

Name Change info by State per TSRoadMap

Name Change and Birth Certificate info by State per Dr. Becky

Gender Marker Change on Driver License by State per Transgender Equality


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